Fashion for Kids

Contemporary kids face as many fashion choices as adults. Finding the perfect outfit for a child can be twice as fun and twice as challenging as shopping for themselves. Parents should prepare to browse, listen, negotiate, and compromise when it comes to dressing their children.

Wearing clothes that are uncomfortable, the wrong size, or the wrong style can undermine a child’s self-esteem. Like adults, children need to feel socially accepted, and wearing the right clothing can make all the difference to a developing personality. Knowing the sizes, or at least having a general idea, before buying a kid’s shoes, shirts, or pants, can make shopping for a child’s clothes much easier.

The wardrobe of today’s child is comprised of three essential items: pants, shirts, and shoes. Girls still wear dresses and skirts, but not as frequently as in the past.

Growing children require wardrobe replacement from one season to the next. A little planning can stretch the clothing budget by opting for colors that mesh with the child’s existing wardrobe and overlapping changing temperatures. Selecting a neutral-colored garment that can be interchanged with existing pieces is always practical. Pants can be rolled up or taken up temporarily with a deep hem to accommodate growth spurts.

Coordinating the right shoes, pants, and shirts for a child can be tricky. Kids can be excruciatingly discriminating fashion hounds. With a little planning and a good deal of compromise, both parents and kids can agree on what to wear.